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An annual wellness exam only happens once a year. Unlike an annual physical exam, it looks into your health history to create a targeted wellbeing plan for the future. And because of this, it can be a straightforward appointment to miss! However, if you’ve found yourself falling into the habit of skipping them altogether, it’s time to pencil it back into the schedule. But why do you actually need an annual wellness exam?

Specifically, an annual wellness exam is there to help you. Additionally, it is made with you in mind, and it’s important to get this exam as regularly as possible to live as healthy and happy as possible. Furthermore, here are the main reasons why this exam is so important.

It’s an Essential Chance to Discuss Your Health

The main role of annual wellness physicians is to discuss your health with you, take your history and your family’s history into account, and predict and plan for the future based on these findings. It’s rare to have any other opportunities to discuss your wellbeing in such targeted detail.

Of course, you may be asking, “Can’t I make decisions about my health myself?” And in doing so, you’re doing yourself a disservice. A physician is here to help and guide you, and you’ll always have the first and final say about what goes into your care. However, without a physician’s knowledge, this can be incredibly hard to do, and you don’t want to be fighting against diseases in the future without a prevention plan in place.

It’s the Best Way to Stay Safe Against Diseases

Following on from the point above, an annual wellness exam is also the best way to stay safe against diseases in the future. We can carry all kinds of genetic risks inside us, and a heart attack or stroke can strike at any time. But without a review of how you and your family have fared in the past, and how your lifestyle currently affects you, you’ll be completely unprepared to deal with an outcome like this.

It Helps Keep Your Medical Records Up to Date

Let’s say you need to be referred to another physician in the future, or you are suddenly rushed to the hospital. Unless you’ve been attending your annual wellness exam regularly, you’re unlikely to have an up-to-date medical record, which can make caring for you extremely hard. And this is a situation you definitely don’t want to be in!

It’s Time to Book Your Annual Wellness Exam

At Family Diagnostic Clinic, we’re keen to bridge the gap between your schedule and the goodness of your health, so we’ve made it easy to get in touch about your needs.

You need an annual wellness exam as a regular part of your life. Don’t take a gamble with your future health and wellbeing; book an appointment with a learned internal medicine doctor today. To learn about what we can do to help or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 281-351-6800.

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