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A coronavirus is a common virus that affects your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. Most of the coronaviruses are not very...

15th February, 2020

Are You Allergic to Chocolate?

Chocolate is a universal love of most people. This lovely food is found in many drinks, snacks, or desserts you eat. How...

30th January, 2020

Do You Have Stabbing Pain In Throat?

Have you ever experienced a stabbing pain in throat while swallowing? Painful swallowing is medically known as odynophag...

15th January, 2020

Is There A Connection Between Headache And Cough?

A minor connection between headache and cough is pressure. Coughing creates pressure, and for some people, it leads to p...

30th December, 2019

Why Do We Call Hypertension as Silent Killer?

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is often termed as ‘silent killer’ disease because it shows no symptoms that mig...

15th December, 2019

Is there any relation between garlic and diabetes?

Most chronic diseases, such as diabetes, are easy to manage if you are careful about them. There are two main factors to...

30th November, 2019

Can Pineapple and diabetes go along?

If you have diabetes, you need to have a strict eye on your diet and the calories you consume. Maintaining a balanced di...

15th November, 2019

School/Sports Physical

Many children enjoy playing sports in school as it keeps them fit and happy. It is also the best time to socialize with ...

30th October, 2019

Ways to increase good cholesterol -HDL

People often get worried when their cholesterol rises. However, people should remember that our body has both good and b...

15th October, 2019

How to Stay Active as a Senior

If you are a senior, you might feel like the world of exercise is off-limits to you. While it’s true that seniors have...

30th September, 2019

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