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EDUCATIONAL BLOGS – Family Diagnostic Clinic

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Experiencing Brown Period Blood: Is It Normal? Explained

If you're experiencing brown period blood, should you be concerned? You might be used to your period being a particular color since you began menstruating, so a change might be very unusual. So what's going on? In this post, we'll get into the causes of brown period...

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What is a Coumadin Clinic?: Family Diagnostic Clinic

A Coumadin Clinic, also known as an anticoagulation clinic, is a basic, quick, and straightforward approach to keep track of anticoagulant drugs that help thin the blood and prevent it from clotting. When a patient is required to take anticoagulant medications, there...

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Do Contacts Do Bad Than Good?

Contacts can benefit your eyes, but only if they are worn correctly and according to the guidelines. If you do not maintain them or leave them on for too long, they can cause an infection in your eyes. Firstly, talk to an eye care doctor. Follow their instructions,...

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Ever Heard Of The Saying, Health Is Wealth?

We all know that the portions of food served across the United States are too big for a normal diet. As per studies, about thirty-six million men and twenty-nine million women overweight, and about thirty-two million men and thirty-six million women are obese; this...

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How Can I Know If I Am Infected With Flu or COVID-19?

Are you coughing, having a sore throat, perhaps feeling down, or having a body ache. Kindly note that the season of colds and flu is back. Sadly with the current Covid 19 pandemic at large, you may find it difficult to determine if this is just another cold, flu, or...

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What Causes Your Nose To Bleed And How Can You Treat It?

Some things in our lives completely unavoidable; they suddenly occur and sometimes end up embarrassing you. And on that list, you will find, written in bold words: Nosebleeds. Why Does Your Nose Bleed? Nosebleeds usually occur due to dryness, which may be due to the...

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