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Preventive Care Visit

Causes and Symptoms of Sore Throat and Earache

Sore throat and earache often come together and can cause great pain and discomfort. There are several causes of a sore throat and earache. Where some can be mild, and you can easily manage them at home while others may require you to pay a visit to the doctor. Let us...

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4 Questions to Bring to a Preventive Care Visit

Managing your healthy lifestyle means taking proactive measures to help you avoid serious health problems. Your preventive care visit is the time to partner with your doctor to ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to live a healthy life. If you see your...

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The Top Preventive Care Tips for Your Kidneys

According to the National Kidney Foundation, one in three adults have a high risk for kidney disease in the U.S. Your kidneys are regulators of the systems in your body, important in detoxifying, heart function, hormonal balance, and other functions. Preventive care...

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4 Preventive Care Tips That Will Save Your Life

Many of the diseases and conditions that put the lives of people at risk can be prevented, or at the very least mitigated, when the right measures are taken. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) preventive care is used considerably less...

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