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The effect of alcohol and cholesterol on our health

We are what our habits make us. Like if we want to stay healthy and active, it is essential to have a nutritious diet; regular exercise, and avoid smoking and drinking. All these have a huge impact on our health. People who eat too much fatty food end up being obese...

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Low cholesterol breakfast for a healthy day

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It is beneficial for health and prepares you for an active day ahead. Skipping it can lead to weight gains and health problems. However, a low cholesterol diet is the best choices to kick start your day....

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Is low cholesterol breakfast a healthy option?

Lack of fitness is a root cause of many diseases today; this generation suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. If we don’t start taking care, the problems worsen and transform into significant diseases like stroke and heart attack. To act now,...

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Are scallops high in cholesterol, or are they healthy?

The human body needs a healthy diet to function smoothly; however, few restrictions are necessary. A higher level of cholesterol in the blood is dangerous and can cause many diseases. Hence if you are suffering from it, limit the intake of a diet that is rich in...

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Are You Allergic to Chocolate?

Chocolate is a universal love of most people. This lovely food is found in many drinks, snacks, or desserts you eat. However, unfortunately, many people are allergic to chocolate. The allergy can happen due to ingredients in it. The main ingredient is the cocoa powder...

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5 Simple Ways to Manage Your Cholesterol

Keeping your cholesterol at a healthy level is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of a heart attack or heart disease. While medications can help you manage your cholesterol, living a healthy lifestyle will help you to keep your cholesterol at the correct level...

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Foods That Can Help Lower Your Cholesterol

What on earth have you been eating? If you have high cholesterol, you’ve probably been eating foods that are contributing to the problem. The good news is, food may have increased your cholesterol level and food may also lower the levels. With wise food choices, the...

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