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What are the 3 p’s of diabetes?

Diabetes is affecting people all around the globe. Many of our friends or family members have it. There is no permanent cure for diabetes; however, there are ways to manage it and lead a normal life. The person has to take care of his blood sugar level by controlling...

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Diabetes and Hair loss: Is There Any Connection?

We totally understand that it’s not easy living with diabetes. You don’t only have to refrain from enjoying your favorite cookie but gather new energy and thoughts to search through the internet to look for hair loss treatments that diabetes has brought. But what is...

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Annual Wellness for Seniors: Preventing Diabetes

As we age, we discover there are certain areas of life that require a little more attention. One of those things is our health. We are more susceptible to colds and broken bones. Not only that but if we don’t watch our nutrition, exercise, and diet, we could develop...

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