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These 5 Reasons Might Be Why You Have a Dry Throat

Are you wondering, "Why is my throat dry?". A dry, scratchy throat can be one of the most infuriating feelings. Sometimes, it feels like there is no relief from it, and it starts interfering with your routine activities. There are many reasons behind your dry throat,...

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What May Cause A Person To Pee While Coughing

Many people visit our clinic with a common question: why do I pee when I cough or sneeze, or laugh? Urine leakage while coughing or sneezing is a medical problem called stress urinary incontinence (SUI) A person may experience SUI when the urines come out of the...

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Foaming At The Mouth | Important Things You Should Know

Foaming at the mouth can be an alarming sign of a severe problem and requires immediate medical attention. Here are some fast facts you should know about this condition and what you should do if you notice these signs in a friend or loved one. Foaming At The Mouth: A...

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7 Reasons for Painful Swallowing

If you’re finding it painful to eat and drink, you are among millions of others who have experienced this issue. Discomfort while swallowing is a common condition. You may feel soreness, excruciating pain, or burning, and these make swallowing painful. In most cases,...

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How Do I Know If I Have A Bruised Cervix?

If you feel that cervix injury is common amongst women, think again. However, no matter how rare the phenomenon is, it does happen. The cervix serves as a protective barrier to your uterus and looks over what enters it. If it has happened to you once, chances are you...

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How Long Is Strep Throat Contagious?

Strep throat is a disease that mostly affects young children, but elders and teenagers also have to deal with this unpleasant illness. Strep throat brings along several annoying symptoms, and your child will need to stay home from school while recovering. In this...

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Is It Possible To Get Strep Throat Without Tonsils?

Strep throat easily spreads with contact from an infected person. It causes the tonsils and throat to swell, but you can still get strep throat without tonsils. Having your tonsils removed can drastically minimize the effects of this infection and can lessen the...

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