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PCOS and Hair Loss, What’s the Connection?

Do you find a hefty amount of hair in the shower, pillow, or generally when combing? Sometimes it’s just because of poor care, but it could also be due to a disorder called PCOS. PCOS hair loss is an issue that every other woman is facing. If you find your hair...

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Why does it burn when I pee after sex?

Pain or burning sensation when peeing is usually caused by urinary tract infection, which affects both men and women. It's an infection in your bladder or in the tube that takes away your urine from the bladder. But if you feel the burn when you pee after sex, it may...

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How Long Do Antibiotics Take to Work?

Antibiotics help to fight illnesses caused by bacterial infections. Another name for antibiotics is antibacterials. They either kill or decrease the growth of bacteria. In this article, we’ll learn the different forms of antibiotics, what they treat, and how long do...

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Experiencing Brown Period Blood: Is It Normal? Explained

If you're experiencing brown period blood, should you be concerned? You might be used to your period being a particular color since you began menstruating, so a change might be very unusual. So what's going on? In this post, we'll get into the causes of brown period...

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What is a Coumadin Clinic?: Family Diagnostic Clinic

A Coumadin Clinic, also known as an anticoagulation clinic, is a basic, quick, and straightforward approach to keep track of anticoagulant drugs that help thin the blood and prevent it from clotting. When a patient is required to take anticoagulant medications, there...

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Do Contacts Do Bad Than Good?

Contacts can benefit your eyes, but only if they are worn correctly and according to the guidelines. If you do not maintain them or leave them on for too long, they can cause an infection in your eyes. Firstly, talk to an eye care doctor. Follow their instructions,...

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Ever Heard Of The Saying, Health Is Wealth?

We all know that the portions of food served across the United States are too big for a normal diet. As per studies, about thirty-six million men and twenty-nine million women overweight, and about thirty-two million men and thirty-six million women are obese; this...

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