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Skin Biopsy

Signs You Might Need a Skin Biopsy

Your skin is the largest organ you have in your body, and it’s an easy organ to observe. Everyone notices changes in their skin, whether they have had an injury, experienced a sunburn, or are simply noticing the effects of aging. However, there are times when a change...

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3 Things to Expect When You Have a Skin Biopsy

When a suspicious mole or rash affects your body's largest organ, a skin biopsy can be an important diagnostic tool. It can also be cause for concern, especially if you're not sure what to expect. Learn more about this procedure and what it entails. What Is a Skin...

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Why is a Shave and Punch Skin Biopsy Done?

Finding out your doctor has ordered a skin biopsy of any kind can be stressful, and it's particularly worrying when you're not sure what the process entails or how it's performed. Skin lesions can be a sign of health conditions as serious as skin cancer or as minor as...

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