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Do you find a hefty amount of hair in the shower, pillow, or generally when combing? Sometimes it’s just because of poor care, but it could also be due to a disorder called PCOS. PCOS hair loss is an issue that every other woman is facing. If you find your hair thinning and weirdly losing in a pattern similar to men, the trigger most likely is the disorder.

What isPCOS?

PCOS is a disorder that affects women of childbearing age. It is short for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. As the name indicates, it affects the functionality of the ovaries of a woman. Ovaries are responsible for the regulation of hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. They regulate the monthly cycles.
The ovaries also produce a small amount of male hormone known as androgens.
The word polycystic means many cysts. These cysts in the ovaries are follicles that never mature enough to ovulate. This causes an imbalance of hormones. An increase of male hormones is the reason why alopecia or hair loss due to PCOS occurs.

Reasons for Hair Loss in PCOS

It is due to the excess male hormone (androgen) buildup in a woman’s body. The hair loss is mostly in a male patent pattern. It is thinning hair in the front and sides, eventually pushing the hairline back due to hair loss.
Not only PCOS but some drugs, anemias, and deficiencies also contribute to this issue.

What are the types of PCOS, and How Does it Lead to Excess Male Hormone?

Insulin Resistance
Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas to help the human body metabolize/ use sugars to get energy. It stimulates the tissues to take up sugar from the blood. This mechanism impairment causes the pancreas to make a lot of insulin to combat the high sugar level in the body.
This high level triggers the ovaries to produce an excess of male hormones leading to alopecia/ hair loss.

Inflammatory PCOS
Chronic inflammation is the driving cause. An unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet contribute to inflammation which increases the level of androgens in females.

Adrenal PCOS
A high level of stress is the reason for this kind of PCOS. Markers like cortisol are very high. It is advised to get rid of stress by practicing yoga, taking supplements to support your body.

Hair Care Routine to Combat Hair Loss

  1. Proper washing of hair. Use good shampoo and conditioners to get rid of any tangles or knots that can break hair.
  2. Use a wide-toothed comb for detangling
  3. Hair should be blow-dried at least six inches away from heat. It is advised to use less heat as possible.
  4. Minimize the use of tight hairbands
  5. Avoid touching hair

There is another medical alternative for the betterment of PCOS that would help treat hair loss issues in such patients.
Use of oral contraceptives to regulate hormones. Adequate levels would decrease androgens: fewer androgens, lesser hair fall.
We recommend getting a proper diagnosis first. Please reach out to our doctors at Family Diagnostic Clinic 27721 Tomball, TX. For more information and appointment call 281 351 6800.

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