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Do you feel a burning sensation down there while moving around? Well, you might want to get checked for an inner thigh rash. There are various reasons for rash between the legs, some of which are detailed in this blog.

Some symptoms of a groin rash which is more prevalent in females include:

  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Bumps on the inner thigh
  • Red patch/rashes on the inner thigh area
    Causes of Inner Thigh Rash

Some parts of the body are more prone to rash, most probably due to friction, and the inner thigh is one of those targets.

Let’s discuss top 10 reasons for this issue:

Rash On the Inner Thigh Due To Heat

Mostly, an inner thigh rash is due to hot and humid weather. Since that area is not very airy, the flow blocks out, initiating sweat glands to release droplets to the inner thighs, which get irritated. Constant skin rubbing against the other skin leads to red patchwork, i.e., rashes.

They may look like a pimple growing on the inner thigh area and are usually called ‘prickly heat rashes. This phenomenon is quite common in the summer season and is preventable to an extent by wearing airy clothes.

Fabric Friction

Some materials are harsh on the skin and show reactions while performing exercises, walking /cycling, etc. It is crucial to wear breathable workout wear to avoid friction that results in inner thigh rash.

Wearing clothes that are tight and non-breathable or absorb sweat also are primary reasons for rash patches between the legs.

Your Posture Is Important

Sitting legs crossed for long hours entrap heat and sweat inside that, causes irritation to the sensitive thigh skin resulting in rashes. Make sure that you periodically change posture to allow airflow.

Medical Conditions – PCOS and rash on Inner Thighs

Certain medical or hormonal conditions such as PCOS often cause women to have dark inner thighs, which turn itchy due to friction.

Hair Removal Methods

There are multiple hair-removing techniques available. Some might not suit your specific skin type and cause irritation to the skin. Sometimes blunt razor blades result in red bumpy skin.

Chemical Irritation

Many women in America opt for creams or lotions that may have certain chemicals in them which cause irritation and thigh rash.

Jock Itch

You may think that a jock itch is more in athletes, especially females, but it can happen in women who are not as well. It is a ringworm infection that presents as tiny blisters having scaly borders resulting in burning or itching. The sweat and heat cause rash on the skin and fungus to grow.

Contact Dermatitis

As the name suggests, contact dermatitis is the kind of rash that happens because of skin touching an allergen or a material of clothing that causes allergies.

Most of the time, fragrances or chemicals in perfumes, antiperspirants, or certain types of fabric cause trouble when the skin comes in contact with them.

Creams or Wipes

Excessive use of moisturizers that are not open to air traps sweat and moisture. Also, scented wipes and letting the moisture retention can make skin vulnerable to rashes.


Inner thigh rashes by chlamydia are common and one of the STDs. The condition is most of the time accompanied by mild to severe pain and only be cured with proper consultation with the doctor.

Final Words

If the discomfort of burning under your legs due to rashes is not getting better, you can talk to a specialist from Family Diagnostic Clinic to know what the issue really is. Call at (281) 351-6800 for more information.

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