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If you feel that cervix injury is common amongst women, think again. However, no matter how rare the phenomenon is, it does happen. The cervix serves as a protective barrier to your uterus and looks over what enters it. If it has happened to you once, chances are you may suffer from it again. That is why we suggest that you know the signs and symptoms of this issue for successful recognition. Continue this blog for detailed insights on the bruised cervix, its symptoms, and treatment alongside preventive methods for the future.

How Your Cervix Gets Bruised Anyways?

The condition is prevalent in women who opt for vigorous sexual intercourse. This encompasses penile penetration, an object, or even another human body part, i.e., the fist. If anything hits the cervix during sexual activity, it results in an injury of the said body part, making it sensitive and tender.

Cervix is not something that is easy to touch during intercourse; a bruised cervix can only happen because of deep penetration and specific positions. This is because anatomically, the cervix is situated on the top part of the vagina; therefore, it is highly unlikely for any other activity to bruise it. Moreover, sexual assault or trauma can also cause this issue

What Does a Bruised Cervix Feel Like?

The feel depends on the severity of the cervix tear as well as every individual’s pain threshold. For a few women, the symptoms brought along with a bruised cervix are swelling of the area, nausea, vomiting, and painful cramps. On the other hand, some may have mild discomfort or dull ache deep inside their bodies.

Other Symptoms

The giveaway is cervix pain, and it serves as a prominent marker. But, there are other signs, too some of which are mentioned below:

  • Continuous bleeding
  • Spotting
  • Nausea
  • Pain in your lower back

The symptoms aggravate during and after you have sexual intercourse. However, any long-lasting excess bleeding may indicate something else going wrong in the reproductive system.

Is Treating Bruised Cervix Important?

Usually, there is no need to get treatment for bruised cervix until the symptoms become unbearable or your doctor says so. The good news is that cervix damage is temporary, and injury to this part resolves itself just like any other on your body. But, taking OTC painkillers help in managing pain. If you are concerned about your injury, schedule a pelvic exam to understand the situation better.

Apart from trauma, your cervix may feel tender and painful due to certain infections that may mimic bruising. In such a situation physical exam of the pelvis comes in handy.

Is There a Susceptible Group For this Injury?

Some women are at increased risk of suffering from this compared to others because vaginas and uterus are in different positions. Usually, the vaginal canal is 3 to 7 inches long, and when aroused, the area grows a few cm for better, smoother penetration. If the canal is small compared to the foreign body entering, it may result in an injury.


A bruised cervix is mainly caused due to rough sexual activity. There are multiple reasons why you may suffer from it. If this has happened to you, call Family Diagnostic Clinic for help at 281-351-6800

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