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Your ear is much more extensive and complicated than the outer visible portion, i.e., the outer ear. So, whenever you feel a sharp pain in the ear region, it is most likely that your ear (middle or inner) is indicating something, may be an infection or anything else. So, let’s find out why does your ear hurt so much?

13 Reasons Why You Have Stabbing Pain in Ear

Some common causes of pain in the ear canal are as follows:

Accumulated Ear Wax

Wax is a natural secretion by the ear itself for cleanliness and protection. However, if the buildup exceeds the normal range, it solidifies, giving off a full feeling and causing random sharp pain in the ear.

Infection of the Middle Ear

It is commonly found in young children or adults who suffer from recurring colds. A middle ear infection is identifiable when you have the urge to constantly tug your ear shooting pain that gets worse at night. You must not ignore this issue, as middle ear infections can affect hearing power.

Infection of the outer ear

It is a painful condition when the ear canal gets wet, and this area is perfect for bacteria and fungus to proliferate. The warm, wet, and dark environments favor them, and multiplication is easy, resulting in infection and swelling.

Ear barotrauma

If you are habitual of traveling to higher altitudes, changes in pressure can affect the structures of the ear resulting in stabbing pain.

Damage To The Ear Drum

The ear drum is one of the concrete parts of the hearing structure. Strenuous acts such as scuba diving, high-altitude walks, or inserting objects into the ear canal can damage the drum.

Entry of Foreign Body

Mostly, small objects such as parts of toys can dislodge the ear and cause sharp pain in the ear.


You may develop a cyst in the middle ear which can pressurize the eardrum and bones. They may also damage ear structure which may lead to an infection.


Sinusitis is the infection of sinuses and cavities found in the frontal skull region. They may get congested because of a trigger putting pressure on them. This results in shooting pain in the head and ear alike.

Meniere’s disease

It hits the inner ear and leads to the emergence of stinging ear pain, tinnitus or ringing ears, vertigo, and other problems related to hearing.


Allergic rhinitis, the common cold, and other nasal conditions can cause shooting pain in the ears.

Ear Canal Trauma

If you scratch the skin lining in the ear canal, you may damage it enough to cause pain. Usually, treatments are no more than the use of antibiotic ear drops.

TMJ Ear Pain

Temporo mandibular joint, or simply “jaw joint,” is near the ear canal. And since it lies just below the ear, pain due to inflammation of this joint is shared by both areas.

Tonsillitis or Other Infections

Tonsils are present at the back of your throat. When they get inflamed, they become enlarged and tender, causing painful swallowing, and your ears hurt as well.

Final Words

There are numerous reasons why your ears can hurt, the most common of which is the presence of bacteria. The infection causes swelling and stabbing pain that becomes unbearable. Contact your physician if, despite the remedies, your ear pain comes and goes. You can also contact Family Diagnostic Clinic at (281) 351-6800.

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