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Normally, the skin, especially on your skull is not supposed to have lumps or bumps. Even if you do, there could be multiple reasons why there is a bump on back of head. They can sometimes appear either on your skin, inside it, or on the bones. The treatment and severity depends on its type.

The bump on back of head comes with pain, swelling, and soreness on a particular spot. Many reasons are associated with it; either external factors, or something grave, like cancer.

Even if you have found a hard bump on back of head, there is no need to panic. This blog has explained various causes, signs and symptoms with treatment.

What is a Bump?

A bump, also referred to as a lump, is a protrusion that emerges from the skin.
Underneath our skin, there are millions of tiny blood vessels. Whenever these blood vessels get damaged due to any factor, the blood seeps out of them and adds up into the nearby tissue swelling that area up.

Why Do Bumps Appear On The Head?

Here is a list of reasons why a bump on back of head can appear
1. Acne
Usually, people do not realize that acne can grow on any place in your body, including your scalp. Sebum, bacteria, and sweat buildup causes the skin to break out. The bump can be either soft or hard with red or white color.

2. Injury or trauma
One of the most common reasons a person gets a bump on head is when it suffers from a trauma or injury. Bruise, contusion, hematoma are some other names given to it. A bump starts small in size and gradually grows according to the injury level. If it is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and dizziness, we advise you to get a consultation by a doctor immediately.

3. Cyst
A cyst is a pouch type structure, mostly liquid-filled inside. They can grow anywhere in the body; they appear to be yellow or may have the color of your skin with inflammation.

4. Bone spur
When a sore bump on back of head develops, it is called a bone spur. They mostly present themselves in patients with inflammatory disorders, e.g., osteoarthritis, and arthritis; or people with a pressurized spine.

5. Insect bite
Insects like flies or bees sting. If you get stung by any of them, that area will quickly swell and may go red depending upon your body’s reaction.

6. Lipoma
In some situations, a rubbery growth around the back of your head can protrude. Lipomas may or may not be painful. They are common amongst middle-aged individuals.

7. Tumor
Tumor growth may appear as a swelling on the skull; may or may not be malignant. Thus, it is advised to get a screening as soon as possible to avoid any unfortunate situation.

Symptoms that appear concurrently with a bump on the head

  1. Redness
  2. Swelling
  3. Pain
  4. Drainage
  5. Hair loss


The basic line of treatment for normal bumps that are not painful or fluid-filled can be treated using over-the-counter drugs e.g., acetaminophen, paracetamol, etc.

Secondly, ice packs have always worked wonders for swelling reduction by decreasing the warmth of that area.

It is advised to get a cyst or lipoma checked by a practicing physician for a better course of action, i.e.,surgical treatment. Proper screening is available at Family Diagnostic Clinic; visit our clinic located at Tomball or Houston Tx for consultation, or call 281-351-6800 for an appointment.

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