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Your nose is dedicated to breathing, and it does so pretty seamlessly that you do not even know it’s happening 24/7. But sometimes, your nose may produce an uncomfortable burning sensation. Don’t worry; it is usually temporary. Let’s dive into the reasons and remedies to soothe your condition.

5 Reasons Why Your Nose Might Be Burning Up

Here are some of the causes for this fiery feeling in your nose.

  1. Sinusitis – Inflammation of the Sinuses
    Inflammation in your sinus cavities may be one reason why you are feeling hot in the nose while breathing, along with headaches, dizziness, and pressure.
    Treatment: For sinusitis, doctors prescribe antibiotics or antivirals. Furthermore, to tackle head pressure, you can use decongestants.
  2. Cold and Flu
    It is one of the classic reasons for the burning sensation in your nose! In this condition, your nasal mucosa (the airways) inflames, resulting in sneezing, burning nostrils, and headaches.
    Treatment: The culprits may be viruses or bacteria. For the former condition, antiviral medication is best to relieve symptoms. On the other hand, antibacterial medication for the latter. As for symptoms, acetaminophen or Tylenol can help a great deal.
  3. Hay Fever
    When hay fever strikes, you’re nasal mucosa inflammation, and irritation are a given. This happens due to irritants like dust, pet hair, pollen, and more. The result? Rhinitis, itchiness, and yes, not to forget – the burning sensation in your nose.
    Treatment: Keep your living space clean to avoid irritants, and stock up with antihistamines or allergy injections if things get worse.
  4. Dry Nose Due to Medication
    Some medications might leave your nasal passage dry as a side effect, causing that unsettling burning feeling. Things like nasal decongestant sprays usually irritate your nose and increase the risk of infection.
    Treatment: If a medication is causing your nose to burn, talk to your doctor about alternatives. There are many options available to choose from.
  5. Weather Troubles
    You can’t fight the wrath of Mother Nature. On extremely dry days, the air lacks moisture, which dries up your airways. Air conditioners can also contribute to drying out your nasal passage, leaving you with a burning feeling.
    Treatment: Beating dryness is easy with the help of a simple home remedy! Just place a bowl or a big glass of water in your room to add some much-needed humidity to the air. Do not forget to stay hydrated and rinse your nose with a saline solution.

Closing Note
Get in touch with your healthcare professional if the burning sensation is not limited to your nose or persists for a long time. Do not hesitate to contact professionals from Family Diagnostic Clinic for your issue. We can surely help you out. Dial (281) 351-6800 to set an appointment.

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