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The discomfort or pain on the inside of your thigh is frustrating that makes your everyday movement a task. Activities such as walking, sitting, or even sleeping are a real challenge with this.

If you are also one of such people searching for reasons why this is happening to you, this blog is worth your while. We have listed 9 potential reasons for your inner thigh pain.

  1. Muscle/Groin Strain
    Muscle strains are possible in every part of your body; however, groin muscle strain or tear is the reason for inner thigh pain. Some of the common signs that show up include sudden pain sensation, bruising, muscle spasm, weakness, etc.
  2. Osteoarthritis
    Another common cause of pain in the inside area of your thigh is osteoarthritis. In such a situation, your lubricant that moves the joints wears off because age leads to inflammation and pain.
    There might be extra bone growth in your hip joint, rubbing together, resulting in friction. With time this situation gets worse, resulting in thigh pain and stiffness.
  3. DVT
    Deep vein thrombosis is a condition when blood clots arise in the deep veins of the legs. Some common signs include a warm feeling in that area, intense pain, muscle tenderness, swelling, etc.
  4. Embolism
    DVT may turn into an embolism if left untreated. An embolus or emboli (plural) is a blood clot detached from its origin, moving around the body. It settles and blocks pathways.
  5. Hernia
    In this condition the tissue area of your bowel moves via the groin muscle wall of your inner thigh. It is then pushed from a weak area – the femoral canal.
  6. Pregnancy
    Pain on the inside of your thigh is also common if you are pregnant. It may be due to extra weight or SPD. It is a condition related to a hormone released by the placenta called relaxin. The hormone loosens your ligaments, leading to pain and inflammation.
  7. Kidney Stones
    Kidney stones may feel severely painful for certain individuals while causing no symptoms for others. They form when the urine gets overly saturated. The route of a kidney stone passing through the urinary tract causes excruciating discomfort in the back and inner thigh.
  8. Groin Nerve pain
    Tissue compression on the nerve can impair its ability to transmit sensory info to a specific body location. This might cause symptoms such as discomfort, tingling, or numbness, which may simply affect your groin area or spread down your leg.
  9. Muscle Injury
    Pain in the inner thigh may result from thigh muscle or connective tissue injury brought on by movements such as jogging or turning fast. This muscle damage can result in severe discomfort in the inside of the thigh, as well as swelling and bruising in the afflicted area.

Final Note

Want to learn more about the causes and treatments we offer at Family Diagnostic Clinic? You can find us at 27721 Tomball Parkway, Ste #200, Tomball, TX 77377, and 13688 Breton Ridge Unit G, Houston, TX 77070. Call at (281) 351-6800 to connect with us.

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