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Usually, the corn or wart that grows on the foot region is known as planter corn or planter wart. Planter signifies their site of emergence, which is the sole of the feet. Plantar corn vs. wart is quite similar in physical appearance, so you may not know which one you suffer from.

What is the difference between corn and wart? Well, you can easily differentiate between the two; the tips are mentioned in the latter portion of the blog. But let’s first see what they are in detail.

What Is A Corn?

Corn is like a tiny clump of hardened skin layers that resembles a callus. The main reason behind its growth is direct and localized pressure. The healthcare professionals describe the shape of a corn vs wart in a way that the shape looks like an ice cream cone, with a tip deep inside the skin. The longer you leave a corn, the deeper and excruciatingly painful it will become.

A wart vs Corn

On the other hand, a wart is a consequence of a virus, unlike corn. This growth develops due to HPV – Human Papilloma Virus that we all have inside our bodies. Some people are more susceptible to the effects of this virus. At the time of lowered immunity, direct exposure to the virus, or stress, warts can pop up.

Plantar warts are given the name because they inwardly grow on the foot. This is due to weight-bearing pressure. At the same time, a wart on your hand sticks out because of no weight-bearing pressure on it. Warts have the tendency to multiply if left untreated.

A Corn Vs Wart – How To Differentiate?

A plantar wart vs corn look physically similar; here are some other ways you can distinguish between the two.

Area of Growth On the Foot

A wart may pop anywhere on your foot, while corns occur at the points of pressure only. Corn vs wart will emerge at the site of a bunion or the bone pressing through toward the ground.

On the other hand, warts can happen all over with no pressure issues since they are caused because of a virus.

Growth Time Lapse

A wart vs corn grows rapidly. Corn may take several months or even years to fully develop; the main reason is pressure. On the other hand, warts are a result of HPV. It causes infection, which is why the onset is sudden and painfully localized.

Pressure Test

Generally, corns, as opposed to warts, are more painful when direct pressure is applied to them with your finger. In comparison, warts exert a painful response with side-to-side pressure or when you pinch/squeeze them.

Does The Skin Line Pass Through It?

In the case of a wart, the skin lines will not pass straight through but will go around the lesion. Whereas corns involve the skin line, meaning that the wrinkle on the foot will actually pass right through your lesion.

Treatment for Corns and Warts

The treatment differs because of different root causes:

For Corns

  • Scalpel removal
  • Offloading

For Warts

  • Debridement
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Cryotherapy
  • Potassium Hydroxide Crystal

Final Words

A corn or wart growth is a challenging situation that requires immediate attention from the doctor. If you are confused about the growth on your foot, talk to us at Family Diagnostic Clinic. We will schedule an appointment for a proper examination.

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