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Coumadin, also known as warfarin, is a blood thinner (or anticoagulant). Essentially, it regulates the consistency of your blood to avoid dangerous clots in your veins and arteries. Coumadin is a life-saving drug and can help treat or prevent multiple issues. A coumadin clinic specializes in monitoring patients for precise control over these conditions, among others:

  1. Deep vein thrombosis – when a blood clot is located in a deep vein, like a leg
  2. Pulmonary embolism – when the arteries in your lungs get blocked
  3. Atrial fibrillation – an irregular, rapid heartbeat that could cause poor blood flow
  4. Embolic stroke – blocked blood supply to the brain

Benefits of a Coumadin Clinic

Since Coumadin thins the blood, having too much of it can cause excessive bleeding and should be monitored. Your needs could be affected by different medications, foods, or other illnesses. A coumadin clinic will review your current medications and adjust dosages according to what you need. Since you are being monitored frequently, you can gradually begin to make fewer frequent visits. Knowing your condition is well-controlled can help bring peace of mind.

How Does It Work?

Each visit to the coumadin clinic will begin with a pinprick in your finger. Your blood will be tested and, depending on the results, it will be decided whether you need to change or maintain your dosage. You also get the chance to be the ambassador of your own health; sometimes it’s a diet or lifestyle change that you can take control of. This will all be discussed.

An important aspect of a coumadin clinic is the education you will gain. Specialists in anticoagulation are on-site and can spot a symptom that might have otherwise been overlooked. You will also learn your own signs of trouble – which foods to avoid and how to maintain or achieve a healthy and active lifestyle while getting treatment.

Your Partner in Health

Choosing a coumadin clinic is a step in the right direction when it comes to controlling your condition. If you’re thinking about picking a partner, consider Family Diagnostic Clinic. You can read all about the top-notch, specially trained staff by clicking here.

We have a variety of insurance and payment plans and offer many services. You can also reach us at 281-351-6800or by email at to make an appointment at one of our two locations, in Tomball or Houston.

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