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People often get worried when their cholesterol rises. However, people should remember that our body has both good and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease. However, good cholesterol helps to manage and reduce the risk by removing other forms of cholesterol from the blood. An increased level of good cholesterol can help the human body work better.

What can boost HDL?

When the cholesterol level in your body is not balanced, your doctor would suggest some medicines to control and bring it back to normal. However, you can also increase good cholesterol by following ways:

  1. Avoid smoking
  2. Control inflammation
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Preventing diabetes

 Food items that boost good cholesterol

Along with having a healthy lifestyle, the inclusion of certain food items can also help to boost good cholesterol. If you make following a part of your life, these will help increase the level of good cholesterol in your body.

  1. Olive oil

    – using extra virgin oil reduces the inflammation effect caused by bad cholesterol

  2. Whole-grain

    – cereal, brown rice, and bran contain fiber and are good at lowering bad cholesterol. Two serving of whole grain in a day is an ideal portion.

  3. Nuts

    – almonds, peanuts, pistachios are all good for heart as these are high in fiber. Plant sterols in nuts stop cholesterol from absorbing in your body.

  4. Beans and legumes

    – Beans too like whole-grain are a source of fiber and therefore helps in boosting good cholesterol

  5. Fruit

    – fruits that are high in fiber like apples, pears, and grapefruits are an excellent way to increase the intake of fiber.

Your body will feel active if cholesterol is under control and is helping you live a healthy life. The experts at Family Diagnostic Clinic can help you have balanced cholesterol. So if you want your cholesterol checked, visit us. You can also call for more information call at 281-351-6800.

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