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Type 2 diabetes is a common medical concern among Americans. This disease affects more than 30 million of us. While anyone can develop type 2 diabetes, it’s most commonly found in adults over 45 and individuals who are overweight. While diabetes can be managed, it’s important to understand the warning signs so you can get treatment immediately. Early intervention and regular therapies will help you keep the disease under control. Keep reading to learn the symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.

Changes in Weight, Thirst, or Hunger Levels

While type 2 diabetes usually affects people who are overweight, changes in insulin levels can also cause people with the disease to unintentionally lose weight. Diabetes can also cause changes in hunger and thirst due to varying levels of glucose. If you notice sudden changes in your weight or if you feel your hunger or thirst levels have changed, call your doctor.

Blurred Vision

This is another common symptom of type 2 diabetes that is caused by high blood glucose. A doctor can determine if changes in your vision are simply the result of aging or if they are a sign of a deeper problem.


Fatigue is a common symptom for many diseases including diabetes. Diabetic fatigue can be the result of low blood sugar or weight loss. Your doctor can also help you manage this symptom so you can get your energy back.

Not everyone who develops type 2 diabetes will display these early warning signs. Seeing a doctor regularly is the best way to check for the warning signs of diabetes that you may not notice. To schedule a physical today, call Family Diagnostic Clinic at 281-351-6800.

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