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Is there any cure for diabetes? Many of us have this question, besides the disease is spreading, and many are affected. There are many causes of diabetes, few of them are;

  • hereditary factors
  • lifestyle
  • our diet, etc.

The disease results when the sugar doesn’t naturally break down and transform into energy in our body. Diabetes can be dangerous if the patient doesn’t care for it properly. The article will highlight few natural ways to reduce its effect; however, talk to the doctor before using any of these methods. A proper diet plan is essential in diabetes. You must take medicines and an have active lifestyle; speak with us for further guidance.

Natural cures for diabetes

  • Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural compound having several health benefits. For people who have diabetes, take 1-2 tablespoons of it at night before going to bed. The primary compound acetic acid in it reduces the morning fasting sugar levels of blood. People also take it with regular meals to reduce a load of carbs in the meal. Other ways are to mix it with salad dressings or have a spoon before the feast.
  • Having fiber and barley is also useful in diabetes. It reduces the blood sugar level and concentration of insulin in the blood. Usually, an average person can have 30 grams per day; however, we hardly take 6-8 grams. To fill up the fiber requirement, it is good to have veggies. Besides it, barley has a tremendous amount of fiber in it and improves the level of blood sugar. You can cook barley for few minutes with water and salt to have it.
  • Chromium impairs glucose absorption. It is present in brewer’s yeast, and it is suitable for low blood sugar. However, discuss with the doctor before having it as it can harm your kidneys.
  • Most people having diabetes have zinc deficiencies. Hence, adding zinc supplements to their diet reduces blood sugar. Moreover, it also treats few complications that arise due to diabetes. However, take care that the dosage doesn’t increase the appropriate levels.
  • Aloe Vera is another natural ingredient that is popular for its healing properties. People with diabetes can drink its juice or use the gel; however, discuss it with the doctor if you have any side effects.
  • The other botanical is berberine that is found in plants. It reduces the blood sugar level, but remember not to take it if you are pregnant. The herb has its side effects.
  • Similar to these, cinnamon also lowers blood sugar levels. This spice has natural healing properties and is also suitable for reducing the level of cholesterol.
  • Other natural ingredients helpful for diabetes are fenugreek seeds, botanical plants like Gymnema, and many others.

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Before taking any of these, it is essential to talk to the doctor for advice. A wrong choice can harm the body and cause severe problems. Despite several efforts, there is no permanent cure for diabetes today; however, studies are going on. If you are suffering, medicines and diet control can help you in leading an everyday life. For more information, call Family Diagnostic Clinic to schedule your appointment.

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