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Blood tests are quick and easy diagnostic tools, but that doesn’t mean they are always pleasant. Most people find blood tests to be slightly uncomfortable, but individuals with a needle phobia can find these procedures downright terrifying. Anxiety shouldn’t stop you from getting medical tests. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to stay comfortable during your blood draw.

Stay Hydrated

It’s always good to stay hydrated, but before a blood test, it’s especially important. If you’re dehydrated, your blood volume can go down and your veins will be harder to spot. If your doctor has requested that you fast before your blood test, ask if you can drink water beforehand.

Ask to Lie Down

Most blood tests are performed while a patient is sitting in a chair. However, you can request to lie down if you are nervous about passing out or simply want to be more comfortable. Lying down will help to prevent light-headedness and is also helpful if you think you will have problems keeping your arm straight during the test.

Remember to Breathe

If you’re nervous, you might have a tendency to hold your breath. Taking long, slow breaths will not only ease your anxiety, but it will also serve as a powerful distraction during your procedure.

Talk to Your Phlebotomist

If you’re still scared, talk with the person who will be drawing your blood. A good phlebotomist will be able to put your mind at ease by answering any questions you might have. With the proper professionals around you, you’ll know that you are in the right hands.

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