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As we age, we discover there are certain areas of life that require a little more attention. One of those things is our health. We are more susceptible to colds and broken bones. Not only that but if we don’t watch our nutrition, exercise, and diet, we could develop diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, an estimated 11.2 million Americans (that’s nearly 26 percent) aged 65 or older have been diagnosed with diabetes, and the number is rising. Clearing these hurdles can be challenging. That’s why annual wellness for seniors should be at the top of our minds.

Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act of 2015

In fact, the number of diabetics and those who have been diagnosed as prediabetic has risen so much it’s almost at epidemic proportions. That’s why the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act of 2015 came to be. It is legislation providing coverage for the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP), which provides programs and education to those who are considered at high-risk for developing diabetes.

Diet and Nutrition

Following a diet recommended for your age and weight is critical in the prevention of diabetes. Specifically, a diet low in calories and fat, but not any kind of fat. Foods that have good oils in them, like olive oil, can actually help you fight diabetes. Today’s Dietician reports that the American Diabetes Association found those with a Mediterranean diet (high in monosaturated fats) had a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. Annual wellness for seniors must be a priority.


Being overweight is a strain on your muscles, joints, and bones. You need to control blood sugar levels. You need to regulate insulin. You need your energy to stay healthy, not to lug around those extra pounds. The good news is that when you change your diet and lose weight, you are cutting down your chances of becoming diabetic.


Having high blood pressure increases your chances of getting diabetes. The Georgia Institute for Global Health claims people with diabetes are more likely to suffer from a heart attack, heart failure, and stroke.

A Healthier You

You don’t have to manage your health alone. Family Diagnostic Clinic recommends annual wellness for seniors to make sure you are on track to get healthy or to stay healthy. We offer help with diabetes (including glucose monitoring), hypertension, and cholesterol, to name a few. Call us at 281-351-6800 or book an appointment online.

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