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Pain or burning sensation when peeing is usually caused by urinary tract infection, which affects both men and women. It’s an infection in your bladder or in the tube that takes away your urine from the bladder. But if you feel the burn when you pee after sex, it may be due to the irritation to the skin around your genitals.
Burning after sex can happen because of a dry vagina, or the skin may be allergic to a condom or lubricant used during sex.
In some cases, you may experience pain when peeing after sexual intercourse due to a severe condition such as a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Common causes of burning when peeing after sex

If you feel pain or burn to pee after sex, the cause can be external or internal. External causes are related to the skin outside the genitals. Internal causes are related to changes inside the genitals, bladder, or area behind the pubic bone.

External causes of painful peeing after sex

Problems with lubrication during sex

If your vagina doesn’t lubricate itself well during sex, you may have a painful experience and feel sore later on. The soreness worsens when urine passes over the inflamed skin.
A dry vagina may occur due to:

  • not being in the mood
  • stressing over sex or relationship
  • hormonal changes that can occur after pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, or removal of the womb
  • medication like antidepressants, birth control pills, or chemotherapy

Rough or prolonged sex can irritate the skin around the vagina or penis, causing a painful or burning sensation when you pee.

Chemical or medicine sensitivity

The use of condoms, lubricants, or contraceptive sponges can irritate the skin or even cause allergies. Then when you pee after sex, this sore tissue may burn more severely.

Medications to treat kidney stones or those used for chemotherapy or radiotherapy can cause inflammation of the bladder, resulting in painful peeing.

Skin conditions or inflammation

Certain skin conditions such as balanitis, eczema, or lichen planus that can hurt genitals can become worse after sex, causing burn when you pee after sex.

Internal causes of painful peeing after sex


Urinary tract infection is a common reason behind painful peeing after sex. A UTI occurs when bacteria enter the urinary tract and goes up into your bladder. Sex increases the chance of getting a UTI.


If you feel pain or burns when you pee after sex, it can be due to an STI. You can get or pass on this infection to your partner with sex without a condom or genital contact.

Genital infections or conditions

Common vaginal or penal infections worsen during sex or can cause troublesome urination after sex. Here are some of these conditions:

  • thrush (candidiasis) – benign yeast infection.
  • vaginitis – swollen vagina due to STIs, thrust, menopause, hormonal changes, or breastfeeding.

When to see a doctor

If it hurts to pee after sex, you shouldn’t worry much. But if the painful peeing is accompanied by the following symptoms, you should see your doctor immediately. The symptoms are:

  • having a very high or low temperature
  • confusion or drowsiness
  • back hurts or pain in the lower tummy
  • no peeing at all
  • blood in urine

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