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It is important that your Coumadin levels be checked regularly to make sure you aren’t at risk for major health problems. In-house Coumadin monitoring can help to reduce the frequency of doctor visits just to run labs to check Coumadin levels. It also has benefits for both the prescribing doctors and their patients. In-house Coumadin monitoring allows patients to improve the care they receive, and doctors to improve the care they give.

Clinical Benefits of In-House Coumadin Monitoring

Being able to monitor your Coumadin levels from home through in-house Coumadin monitoring helps the provider to get a better picture of their patient’s Coumadin levels. Staying in the therapeutic range of Coumadin levels is vital to ensure you are getting the best results from your prescription medication. It is estimated that at any given time, over half of patients taking Coumadin are not in the therapeutic range, meaning they aren’t getting the benefits they need, or they are at risk for a major health problem. In-house Coumadin monitoring helps to lower the risk.

Reduced Risk for Major Health Problems

While the health risks associated with Coumadin can be minimized through in-house Coumadin monitoring, what exactly are those risks? If you don’t have a therapeutic level of your anticoagulant medication, you are at risk for a major hemorrhage or even a stroke. By making sure your Coumadin levels are ideal, you cut your risk for a stroke in half. By preventing a stroke or even a hemorrhage, you also reduce your risk of death from these complications.

Doctors Can Take Quick Action

When your doctor receives the results of your in-house Coumadin monitoring, they can take quick action to make sure your Coumadin levels stay where they need to be. By testing weekly, or even more often, the provider can adjust the medication much faster than relying on in-office lab work, which is usually only done every 4 to 6 weeks. If there’s a more significant problem, you can see your doctor sooner, since they know your latest in-house Coumadin monitoring results.

In-house Coumadin monitoring is a safe and effective way to get the most out of your anticoagulant therapy. If you feel you would benefit from in-house Coumadin monitoring, talk to a provider at the Family Diagnostic Clinic. Discussing the benefits may just help you get the benefits you need with minimized risk.

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