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Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is often termed as ‘silent killer’ disease because it shows no symptoms that might indicate that something is wrong. The majority of the people who have high blood pressure do not even know that they have it. Unfortunately, high blood pressure cannot be cured, but its side effects can be minimized if you manage it effectively. Poor management can even lead to kidney failure, stroke, or heart failure.

There are various factors that influence the development of high blood pressure. Some factors are related to your genes.

• If hypertension runs down your blood, then you have a high chance of getting it.
• Chances of getting a high blood pressure increase with age. When you get older, your blood vessels lose their elasticity, which can increase blood pressure. Narrowed vessels lead to high blood pressure.
• Your racial background can highly affect the chances. African-Americans are more likely to develop high blood pressure as compared to people of any other race living in the United States.

How to Manage Hypertension or the ‘silent killer’

The other factors are those that are related to your lifestyle. These factors can be changed to manage high blood pressure and minimize the risks effectively.

• Diet plan- a healthy diet is the most important factor that determines your health. Foods that are high on sugar, trans fat, or sodium increase the chances of high blood pressure. Make easy to digest and low sodium meals, part of your diet.
• Obesity- is never a good option for your health. It results in diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Physical activities are good for your circulatory system and minimize the risks of high blood pressure.

There are various other factors such as drinking too much alcohol, stress, lack of sleep, or diabetes that add to the risks of getting high blood pressure. Try to control and eliminate these habits, to effectively manage it, and enjoy a healthy and joyful life.

If you feel like getting a blood pressure test, or need any medical assistance, call Family Diagnostic Clinic on 281-350-6800 and book an appointment with us.

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