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New runners often experience burning lungs when they first try to overexert themselves. Running forces you to breathe more rapidly, forcing your lungs to work harder to get oxygen through your body.

Luckily, the pain typically stops within a few minutes after you stop running. However, suppose you experience pain or burning after each run. In that case, you may be breathing incorrectly, or you may have an underlying medical condition that requires immediate medical attention.

What causes pain or burning in your lungs

Breathing through your mouth can hurt your lungs after running because your brain assumes carbon dioxide is being lost in excess. As a response, your body produces goblet cells to produce mucus, which slows your breathing and constricts your blood vessels. In return, it can make catching your breath more difficult after running and result in a painful burning sensation.

The problem often worsens in cold weather. However, the pain is generally temporary and goes away as you gain more experience with running. On the other hand, exercise-induced asthma is a chronic condition caused by inflammation and narrowing of the airways.

Breathing Properly When Running

Suppose your lungs hurt after running, and you experience shortness of breath. In that case, your body will naturally start working against you and begin gulping air through the mouth, causing temporary inflammation of the lungs. It is easy to identify whether you are breathing through your mouth or nose. The latter is more difficult and requires practice. But once you are able to do it, it will slow down your breathing pace and make the air you inhale work more efficiently in your lungs.

Consult a Doctor

If you frequently experience pain after exercising, make an appointment with your doctor to be sure of the cause of your lung pain. Although minor burning in your lungs after running is common, you should never assume the lung pain you’re experiencing is normal.

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