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If you received abnormal blood test results, you might be worried about your health. While these blood tests might indicate a disease, other factors can cause your blood test results to fall outside the norm. Read on for more information on this common issue.

Factors That Can Affect Blood Test Results

Because there are a variety of blood tests available, there are a variety of factors that might impact your test results. Your doctor will use your blood tests along with other diagnostic tools to check your body for medical conditions. This means that an abnormal blood test alone does not necessarily mean that you have a disease. If your blood test results are abnormal, it’s important to first look at your lifestyle. Many factors can impact your blood tests results, such as dehydration, alcohol intake, hormone levels, and medication usage. Looking at your lifestyle and overall health might explain an abnormal blood test result.

When to Call the Doctor

It’s important to call your doctor after you receive abnormal blood test results. While you can take note of any lifestyle factors that possibly influenced your result, only your doctor will be able to determine whether these factors influenced your specific tests.

If you need a blood test or would like to talk to a professional about your test results, call Family Diagnostic Clinic today. Our friendly staff can help you evaluate your test results so you can stay healthy and informed.

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