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Some things in our lives completely unavoidable; they suddenly occur and sometimes end up embarrassing you. And on that list, you will find, written in bold words: Nosebleeds.

Why Does Your Nose Bleed?

Nosebleeds usually occur due to dryness, which may be due to the naturally dry climate or because you have been sitting in a centrally airconditioned place. How this begins is that the membrane in your nose starts getting dry, and that is when you start feeling that itchiness in your nose, and eventually, you end up scratching your nose. Resulting in your blood vessels breaking and you have a nose bleed.

That is just one of the reasons for a nose bleed; there are multiple other reasons, and you can assess them by the following:

  • are you allergic to something
  • do you tend to sneeze repeatedly
  • have you consumed a lot of aspirins in a short amount of time
  • are you someone who pricks your nose continuously?

In some cases, you may suffer from a nosebleed due to high blood pressure or a symptom of cancer, and both of them are dangerous for your health. If you have excessive nose bleeding, visit Family Diagnostic Clinic right away.

Here Are Some Ways To Stop A Nosebleed?

Nose bleeding is not a severe issue. You won’t need to worry and can wrap it up quite fast. Just remember the golden rule: Don’t lay down when your nose is bleeding. The first step is to use your thumb and index finger to pinch your nose at the same time, and breathe through your mouth and take deep breaths. Keep doing so for 15 minutes, and you will be fine.

If your nosebleeds continue for more than 25 minutes, immediately head down to receive medical assistance. Because it may be because of some internal injury, and delaying this could result in severe consequences.

If you are worried about your nosebleeding and want to have a doctor to check you, you can visit Family Diagnostic Clinic, and our specialists will be able to assist you. Call us now at 281-351-6800 to schedule an appointment.

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