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Many children enjoy playing sports in school as it keeps them fit and happy. It is also the best time to socialize with other school and community children. The sports activities not only keep children physically healthy but are also the right balance between life and studies. However, it is essential to know whether your child is fit for participating in a particular sport. School/sports physical is one of the ways to know that.

What happens in a school/sports physical?

School/sports physical is also a preparticipation evaluation. The evaluation determines whether the child is fit to play a particular sport. The purpose is to ensure the safety of a child. The doctor, during the process, will look for any injuries or health conditions that will be harmful to the child. For example, if a child has gone through a heat stroke previously, it might not be safe for him to take part in a game that requires him to stand in the heat for a long time. Therefore the doctor would suggest the child stays hydrated while standing in heat or cover his/ her head with a cap. The doctor will also check if the child’s body is mature enough for the selected game.

The purpose of a sports physical is not to find reasons to disqualify the child from a sport; rather, he/she will find ways through which the child can stay safe. The physician can also suggest some exercises and stretches that a child can do to reduce the after-effects of a sport. The stretches would minimize the chances of a major injury.

So, before the start of the next academic year or the sports season, get the sports physical of your child from the Family Diagnostic Clinic, so he/she may take part in the sports confidently. For further information, call 281-351-6800

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