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A high school physical is a great opportunity for your teen to talk with a doctor and learn more about their health. Teenagers crave independence, and a physical is a great opportunity for young people to feel in control of an important aspect of their lives. Talk with your child about what to expect during their physical so they can feel confident during the exam.

A Great Time to Ask Questions

Growing up can be confusing, and a physical is a great time for your teen to ask a doctor any questions they might have about their health. Have your teen think about their physical health, mental health, sleep patterns, and dietary habits before their physical so they can discuss any issues with the doctor. Your teen can also bring up any questions they might have about their sports or athletic injuries.

Preparing For the Future

Many teens view a high school physical simply as a check-up. However, they should also view this appointment as an opportunity for preventative care. Your teen’s doctor might recommend vaccinations, cholesterol screenings, or diabetes testing based on your child’s overall health. Girls should also be prepared to discuss their reproductive health.

High School Physicals in Houston, TX

Family Diagnostic Clinic offers high school physicals at our offices. With convenient locations in Houston and Tomball, you won’t have to travel far for quality care. Call us at 281-351-6800 and make an appointment for your teen today.

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