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Some people aren’t familiar with the annual wellness for seniors visit or Medicare Wellness Visit (MWV). Fortunately, this program is in place to help seniors maintain a healthy lifestyle while taking advantage of wellness care. Wellness care includes basic instructions for seniors on how to live full, active lives to optimal quality. It helps keep seniors aware of risks and milestones in their age group.

Getting the Most From Annual Wellness for Seniors Visits

Annual wellness for seniors visits wouldn’t be as helpful if you didn’t get optimal benefits. As we age, health concerns become more intense, and conditions can take a serious turn for the worse. Keeping on top of your health, as a senior, can mean the difference between a drastic decrease in performance, and living a life of fullness. It’s imperative that you maximize benefits of annual wellness for seniors visits. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Be Transparent

To take advantage of all the annual wellness for seniors visit has to offer, seniors should be transparent with their physicians. Although some issues may be embarrassing, alerting your doctor about these issues can prevent problems in the future.

For example, if you’re having trouble getting in and out of the bathtub, you need to let someone know. So many injuries occur within the home. Tools and resources are available to you for whatever issue arises. As for mobility issues, safety grab-bars and non-skid surfaces can reduce your risk of falling. Always discuss any issue during the annual wellness for seniors visit.

  • Ask questions

No matter what, always ask as many questions as you need to. Asking questions helps you maintain your health now and in the future. If you have any concerns about changes in mobility or feelings of lethargy, do not hesitate to report this during the annual wellness for seniors visit. Many serious illnesses or conditions can be thwarted by reporting early symptoms or asking questions.

Ask about flu shots and other preventive measures that can stop illnesses before they strike. Just because the physician may not discuss certain issues doesn’t mean you cannot bring the subject up yourself. Basically, don’t be shy about anything you’re concerned about. After all, this is your life, and you only get one.

  • Remain independent

If your physician doesn’t talk about how to remain independent, during the annual wellness for seniors visit, then it’s up to you to bring this up. Despite the health issue topics that might be discussed with you, sometimes basic independence issues aren’t covered thoroughly. If you’re trying to stay independent for longer periods of time, discuss issues involving diet and exercise. These are the keys to retaining freedom longer.

Annual Wellness for Seniors VisitsServe You!

Always take advantage to the fullest of the annual wellness for seniors visits. The Family Diagnostic Clinic can answer most questions about senior wellness. Take time to formulate any questions you might have about your life and health, and make sure to have an open mind. Staying vibrant and well is what’s most important.

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