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Type 1 diabetes is a chronic medical condition. One that affects more than 37 million people in the U.S., and within that, around 283,000 Americans are under the age of 20. It’s not uncommon for children to suffer from a chronic condition. However, with diabetes, there’s an added risk of the child going into shock if left untreated. Although, since type 1 diabetes tends to appear out of the blue, it’s easier to take note of the symptoms.

Thus, by identifying the signs of type 1 diabetes in kids, you can prevent your child’s condition from taking a turn for the worse.

Can Children Get Diabetes?

Unfortunately, yes. Children can fall prey to the demise of diabetes. What’s worse is that there’s no specific age for when it might strike. In most cases, type 2 diabetes takes ages to develop. It can manifest itself in preadolescents during their early teenage years. Type 1 diabetes, on the other hand, attacks young children.

Due to its sudden nature, the symptoms displayed are easier to detect and heal. That is why doctors suggest keeping an eye on your young one. Watch out for any sudden shift in their physique or behavior, as that could be a telltale sign of its own.

What Are The Signs of Type 1 Diabetes in Kids?

Children can display signs of type 1 diabetes in various ways. That is to say, it affects their emotional state as well as their physical well-being. Immediate weight loss and sudden irritability are two prime signs to look out for, along with the ones mentioned below:

Excessive Thirst

High blood sugar levels can make way for dehydration, causing your child to constantly seek out more water.

Constantly Feeling The Urge to Urinate

Naturally, when kids with diabetes drink more water, they’ll feel the need to pee it out. This is because their body is quick to absorb all moisture and let it out.

Frequent Hunger Bouts

Since the body doesn’t convert food to energy, your child may remain in a slump, always feeling hungry.

Sudden Weight Loss

This is the biggest giveaway that something is wrong with your child. It’s common for kids with type 1 diabetes to lose a lot of weight all of a sudden.

Fatigue or Exhaustion

It’s common to be in a neverending slump due to type 1 diabetes. When there’s no useful energy in your little one’s body, they are bound to feel extremely fatigued.

Terrible Mood Swings or Behavioral Changes

Riddled with exhaustion, anxiety, and confusion, mood swings are to be expected when type 1 diabetes is in full swing.

Breath That Smells Fruity like Acetone

Due to high levels of sugar, ketones, and dehydration, your kid’s breath might smell a little like fruits or acetone.

How Long Can A Child Have Diabetes Without Knowing?

It depends on the severity of the symptoms. For instance, there are cases where it can take months or even years to identify the root cause of diabetes. At the same time, if the symptoms are intense, they can be matched to type 1 diabetes in days or weeks.

Here’s The Bottom Line

Sadly, children are not safe from the world of diabetes. Given how type 1 diabetes strikes out of nowhere, it is vital to pay close attention. Keep an eye out for the small signs and anything that might seem out of the ordinary. Nevertheless, if you need more information on the matter, feel free to contact Family Diagnostic Clinic at (281) 351-6800. You can also find us at our medical clinic, conveniently located at 27721 Tomball Pkwy Ste #200, Tomball, TX 77377. We’re just around the corner from M.S. Pharmacy.

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