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Family medicine doctors and internal medicine doctors are both primary care doctors. They both provide various treatments and are extremely helpful. Therefore it isn’t easy to choose between them.

Internal medicine doctors often work with adults, counseling patients, providing treatments, and preventing diseases. Internal medicine doctors do not usually work with children unless they have also been trained as a pediatrician.

Family medicine doctors, however, work with both adults and children. Family medicine doctors are also known as your family doctor. They are responsible for taking care of your entire family’s health. Family medicine doctors may care for a family throughout their careers because; they know the family’s medical history in detail and are responsible for prescribing most of their medications and diagnosing their ailments.

If you want to know which is better, the choice is not easy. Both types of physicians have different benefits. They are both primary care doctors and can diagnose, prevent and treat many various illnesses. Those with children and elders in their homes tend to choose a family medicine doctor; while those who have teenagers in their families usually choose an internal medicine doctor. However, we recommend that you carefully select your primary care physician, considering your family medical history, doctor’s experience, and your insurance package, before selecting your physician.

Some people also like to get an expert’s advice, if so, we recommend that you have a detailed discussion with a referral center, you can also ask all the questions you may have, and they will be willing to help guide you.

At Family Diagnostic Clinic, we have primary care physicians who would be happy to help guide you in choosing which type of physician is best for you. You can book an appointment by calling us at 281-351-6800.

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