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Covid-19 has varying symptoms, one of which is the change in the oral cavity. What is a covid tongue, and how long does it last? Let’s have a look at the details.

What does Covid Tongue Mean?

COVID tongue is one of the symptoms people suffering from coronavirus show. The changes in the tongue and mouth are simultaneous. Here’s what a “COVID tongue” looks like:

  1. Swollen tongue
  2. Sore tongue
  3. Inflammation of the tissues of the tongue
  4. Cracks in tongue
  5. Painful aphthous lesions or ulcers develop on the soft tissues and give the appearance of bumps on the back of the tongue.
  6. White patches on the tongue
  7. Burning sensation
  8. Bad taste in mouth

When the levels of ACE2 receptors on the tongue go sky-high, and the inner lining of the mouth swells. The coronavirus has increased response to bind to them and enter the cells. The resultant response from your immune system causes inflammation.

How long does a “COVID tongue” Usually last For?

It lingers on until the infection is over. Yet, proper research is pending to declare the actual time span. Usually, all the signs and symptoms go away once your infection clears up.

What Issues Can Hit The Tongue Other Than Covid?

Many viruses and bacteria can hit the tongue and cause lesions on it. These ulcers may mimic aphthous lesions caused by COVID. People who suffer from an immune impairment, are on cancer medicine, or have a general illness can make one more prone to these viruses.

Fissured tongue is commonly seen in COVID patients. However, some may have birth anatomical variation, which results in the same kind of indentations.

Treatment of Tongue Issues

The tongue symptoms due to covid usually do not need any particular treatment other than general. The signs ease off as soon as the bacterial load gets low. Still, in some cases, the signs may persist. If the signs do not get better with time and treatment, it is best to involve the doctor as soon as possible.

Final Words

Get in touch with your doctor if your tongue feels or looks unusual. It may be a symptom of coronavirus. However, tongue cuts or fissures are usually a normal occurrence and may be due to something else, like an impact you don’t remember about. Still, if you have questions, feel free to contact Family Diagnostic Clinic to learn more.

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