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Contacts can benefit your eyes, but only if they are worn correctly and according to the guidelines. If you do not maintain them or leave them on for too long, they can cause an infection in your eyes.

Firstly, talk to an eye care doctor. Follow their instructions, and rub and rinse your contacts every once a day accordingly. Some people do not discard their lens solution. Instead, they choose to reuse it. Doing so will seriously harm your vision.

When you clean your lenses, do not expose them to water, which may cause an infection in the eye. Even when you go swimming, remove your lenses to protect your eyes. It would be best if you clean your contact lens storage case as well. Ask your eye care doctor how often you should replace your contact lens storage case.

If you feel any irritation in your eye after wearing contacts, visit an eye care professional immediately. Contact lenses can cause corneal ulcers and eye infections. If you do not remove your contacts daily and allow your eyes to rest for a while, your eyes will begin to swell, leading to corneal abrasion. Those who have dry eye syndrome should not use contacts often. They may be dangerous for your eyes. If your eye gets red upon utilizing a contact lens, that is the first sign that you need to stop using them.

If you use contact lenses and have not visited your optometrist recently, do not wait any longer. Regular trips to an eye care professional are necessary, primarily if you use contact lenses.

And if you are not sure where to go for an optometrist. You can always visit the Family Diagnostic Clinic, where we have one of the best specialists to assist you. You can book an appointment by calling us at 281-351-6800.

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