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The Future May Have a Venipuncture Robot

February 23, 2019

Sometimes getting your blood drawn can be a distressing experience. Veins aren’t always easy to locate and when they are identified; sometimes they “roll”, resulting in multiple needle pricks. As an adult we understand the process, but children who need blood work drawn might not, making it especially distressing for them. Venipuncture is definitely a … Continue reading “The Future May Have a Venipuncture Robot”

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Can Serious Complications Occur from Venipuncture?

September 24, 2018

If you’ve ever had blood drawn or an intravenous injection, you’ve experienced a venipuncture procedure. This is the term used to describe any puncture of the vein in a medical setting and can be performed to remove blood from the body or to add substances like medication, fluids and diagnostic dyes. While this is a … Continue reading “Can Serious Complications Occur from Venipuncture?”

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