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Diabetes is a silent killer; it is one condition where the person suffering from it has to take extra care while eating and drinking. Cautiousness can control it and help the individual to lead a regular life. Several things cannot be eaten by a diabetic person that includes everything with sugar content. But, what about beets and diabetes? Can a diabetic person have it? Although this vegetable is sweet but has many benefits hidden within it, it is qualified as a superfood in many types of research. So, read along to find out are beets good for a person with diabetes and can add to their diet plan?

Blood Pressure

Maintaining blood sugar level is necessary for diabetes. Otherwise, it can damage other organs of the body. Diabetes has no cure, but it is controllable. Beets are deep red vegetables that many civilizations have used in history for medical purposes. One of its significant benefits is that beets control high blood pressure, which is one of type 2 diabetes problems. Naturally, the veggie has nitrates that reduce blood pressure; many people prefer to drink a cup of beet juice at least once a day daily. This habit has brought positive results in lowering blood pressure in people.

Nerve damage and heart problems

Another advantage of beets is that they have an antioxidant present that reduces nerve damage in people having diabetes. However, people with diabetes are given medicines to control it; beets can naturally do the work. Furthermore, during exercise, the muscles strengthen up to take a fair amount of oxygen that is good for health. Beets help the muscle in increasing the absorption levels and lessen the risk of heart diseases, as diabetics are at high risk, it is healthy for them.

Blood vessels

Free radicals often harm blood vessels in our body; beets contain antioxidants that prevent this damage. They are nutritious and have low calories and no cholesterol, which is good for health. Beets are rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc that boost blood vessels’ health. In the case of diabetics, the blood vessels need these to strengthen and function smoothly.

Storing beets

Beets have no harmful effects, even in people with diabetes. It is essential to store them properly after they are bought fresh from the market or your garden. First of all, cut the leaves on it around 2 inches from the root and then store them. They can stay for up to nine or ten days, depending on the surrounding conditions. Put the leaves in a separate bag and eat it within two days; otherwise, they will spoil. Try to add this veggie to your regular diet plan, and the results after a few days will amaze you.

Beets and diabetes can go together to ensure it is better to discuss it with the doctor. Diabetes is a severe illness, and living with it is a challenge. However, the team at Family Diagnostic Clinic can help you in this mission. To schedule an appointment with Family Diagnostic Clinic, call at 281-351-6800 .

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