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Is there any relation between garlic and diabetes?

Most chronic diseases, such as diabetes, are easy to manage if you are careful about them. There are two main factors to consider for managing diabetes effectively – the most important being maintaining a healthy diet. Therefore, a person with diabetes should...

Can Pineapple and diabetes go along?

If you have diabetes, you need to have a strict eye on your diet and the calories you consume. Maintaining a balanced diet plan is the key to a healthy and active life. Unlike other fruits, your blood sugar level is raised by pineapple. However, if you have diabetes,...

School Sports Physical

Many children enjoy playing sports in school as it keeps them fit and happy. It is also the best time to socialize with other school and community children. The sports activities not only keep children physically healthy but are also the right balance between life and...

Ways to increase good cholesterol -HDL

People often get worried when their cholesterol rises. However, people should remember that our body has both good and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease. However, good cholesterol helps to manage and reduce the risk by removing other...

How to Stay Active as a Senior

If you are a senior, you might feel like the world of exercise is off-limits to you. While it’s true that seniors have to take safety precautions while exercising, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy some physical activity. In fact, staying active is one of the...

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