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Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what is going on with the health of your children. While he or she may look outwardly happy and healthy, only a doctor can alert you to any potential problems that may have gone unnoticed. That is why a high school physical is such an important general wellness check for all students.

High School Physical

During a high school physical the doctor should carry out a full assessment of both physical and emotional health. Standard exams should include checking vital signs, height, and weight, heart and lungs, as well as motor and cognitive functions. As a parent, you will want to consult with the doctor and ask questions about your child’s health, once the exam is complete.

Health Relevant to Age

One of the first indicators that doctors look for during a high school physical is your child’s health in relation to his or her age. Healthy development is often measured by checking if your student has reached important milestones as expected. If your doctor has concerns about your child’s health, it is important to ask about the possible implications. In many cases, a change of diet or corrective therapies will help your student achieve optimum health and prevent the development of serious issues.

Health Impacts on Studies

If the doctor does identify health issues at the student’s high school physical, as well as asking about treatment options, you will want to discuss the impact on their studies. For instance, eye problems will make it difficult for a student to read texts and may result in him or her falling behind in class. Other conditions that can affect education include poor memory, lack of concentration, or ill health that makes it impossible for a student to focus during lessons.

Sporting Activities

Children who play sports are more prone to injury, so this should be a key focus for the doctor during the high school physical. Additionally, the vast majority of injuries are avoidable with adjustments in kinetics and the use of suitable sportswear. Ask the doctor for recommendations that will help your child stay safe and healthy without taking away from the fun of participating in sporting activities.

At the Family Diagnostic Clinic, the health of your high school student is important to us. We can provide a high school physical as a regular checkup or a one-off visit if you have particular concerns about your child’s health.

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