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Does that small lump on your skin scare you? Do not worry; it may be a harmless wart. Warts are common skin protrusions due to a viral manifestation. They are quite unsightly and cause discomfort; therefore, it is essential to treat them. Let’s delve in deeper about the stages of a wart falling off after you get its removal done.

Stage 1: The Initial Symptoms

In this stage, the signs of disappearing take a full-blown swing. The first symptom of a wart falling off is usually a white or gray area spreading on the wart. Do not get concerned; it is a good sign showing that your wart is dying.

As the wart continues to follow its deathly path, it goes smaller in size along with a color change. They turn black or brown and start peeling or flaking off. This is the body getting rid of the dead tissue.

Avoid picking it or trying to remove your wart manually. Doing so can cause the virus to spread, leading to more warts.

Stage 2: The Wart Becomes Smaller

In the second stage, it shrinks more in size. This is due to your immune system fighting virus-forming warts.

The protrusions now look like a small, raised bump on your skin. They feel dry and rough upon touching. This is because of moisture loss.

When you reach this point, treat the wart with the appropriate medication. Over-the-counter wart removers can help speed up the healing process.

Stage 3: The Wart Falls Off

The third stage is what you have been waiting for; the wart falling off.

When it does, a small, scab-like mark on your skin is left behind. Do not worry, this is normal, and your skin will recover over time. Do not pick the scab, as this can result in scarring and ultimately delay the healing process.

It’s also important to note that the virus can still be present on your skin, even after the wart has fallen off. So, you must continue treating the affected area to avoid getting more warts in the future.

Stage 4: The Healing Process

The fourth and final stage is the healing process. After your wart falls, the skin goes red and sensitive for a few days. This is normal and serves as an indicator that your body is healing.

During this stage, keeping the affected portion clean and dry is crucial. Steer clear from picking your scab, and do not apply any harsh chemicals to the skin. Over time, it will heal, leaving behind healthy, smooth skin.

Final Note

In a nutshell, it is essential to understand every stage of your wart falling off from the skin to know what to expect and how to treat the affected area properly. You can get in touch with the professionals from Family Diagnostic Clinic. We are located at 27721 Tomball Parkway, Ste #200, Tomball, TX 77377, and 13688 Breton Ridge Unit G, Houston, TX 77070. Call now at 281-351-6800 to connect with us.

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