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Are you feeling sluggish or sleepy after a delicious meal? Your food should fuel you up, not weigh you down. However, did you know falling asleep after eating savory or sugar-like sweets can be a sign of diabetes? Do not ignore the red flags and talk to your health care expert about feeling tired post-meals.

Is Falling Asleep After Eating A Sign of Diabetes?

Getting sleepy after eating every time can be a sign of diabetes. But, sometimes, you may feel tired after eating even if you do not suffer from diabetes because food affects energy levels in blood flow, hormones, blood sugar levels, and brain chemicals.

Why Does This Happen?

A diabetic person’s body cannot properly process sugar from food like normal individuals. This is why you experience a surge of sugar in your bloodstream, leaving you tired and sleepy after eating.

Other than that, diabetic patients find it difficult to concentrate or stay up for long periods since there is a shift in hormones.

The blood sugar spike right after eating something that has sugar or not is because of the rapid absorption into the bloodstream, leading to temporary high levels of glucose in the blood.

10 Warning Signs Of Diabetes

These 10 signs can help you assess whether your sleepiness after eating anything is related to diabetes or not.

Frequent Urge To Pee
With high blood sugar, your kidneys work extra hard to get rid of the excess that makes you urinate frequently.

Increased Thirst
When you urinate often, a major loss of water from the body makes you feel constantly thirsty.

Your body has to work extra hard when the enzymes can’t deal with the surge of glucose in diabetic people. This process damages your body and alters the way it uses glucose for energy.

Blurred Vision
Small vessels in your eyes can undergo damage due to high blood sugar, resulting in swollen lenses and, consequently, blurred vision.

Excessive Hunger Pangs
The release of excessive sugar and the feeling of hunger due to expulsion is a continuous cycle for diabetics.

Weight Loss
Release of excess glucose means the use of an energy source that your body can’t make up to. This leads to starts burning fat and muscles, resulting in weight loss.

Delay In Healing Power of Cuts
Damage to blood vessels means weak blood circulation making it harder for blood to reach the affected area and heal. Such people are prone to infections due to cuts and wounds, consequently increasing the risk of amputation.

Tingling Sensation of or Numbness of The Extremities (hands or feet)
Nerve impacts are inevitable in this condition. The change because of damage starts with the feeling of tingling and escalates to pain or neuropathy.

Acanthosis Nigricans – Dark Skin Patches
Insulin resistance makes the skin dark and patchy, found in the folds of the neck, underarm, or groin.

Yeast infections
Extra sugar in the blood and urine makes it favorable for yeast to thrive and feed off the extra sugar in genital areas. Adequate maintenance of blood sugar helps minimize the likelihood of getting yeast infections.

Closing Note

You can always get in touch with health care professionals from Family Diagnostic Clinic to know what’s happening and get to the root cause of your problem. Dial (281) 351-6800 to connect with us right away.

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